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Founded in 1996 Econet Services SA aims to be your preferred partner for cleaning, concierge, equipment supply, floor renovation, disinfection and pest control services. We are committed to enhancing your customer experience with a close attention to detail, while respecting time and budget constraints.

Since 2021 a new partnership has allowed us to diversify our activities and has given a new impulse to our company. We now offer pest control services including treatments of insects (e.g. cockroaches, ants, wasps, moths, silverfish …), bedbugs, rodents and birds. Any intervention in areas difficult to access can be handled by our team of climbers or by our specialists in a nacelle. In order to protect your pets, we also give the possibility to secure balconies or windows with an anti-fall net.

We offer a wide range of value-added professional services thanks to our multi-tasking and experienced employees.

Our goal is not only to meet our customers’ needs and expectations, but also to build a true long-term partnership.

We are also dedicated to retaining our employees on a long-term basis.

Econet Services SA is a company specialized in facility management that provides high-quality, accurate and safe cleaning services in due time for a long-term and trustworthy customer relationship.
We offer our skills and know how to successfully execute any work assignment on time, on scope and on budget.
We guarantee a stimulating work environment and a strong team spirit.
To encourage personal development, we provide our employees with schedules that are best suited to their own situation and a greater degree of autonomy in their task management.
We choose our suppliers carefully because we aim at building long-lasting and trustworthy relationships.
We strive to enhance the safety, efficiency and environmental friendliness of our activities by reducing waste generation and excessive consumption.
We manage the order process in the best possible way to be in line with our ethical values, moral principles and legal standards.
Be the reference company in Geneva for all cleaning, concierge, emergency management, floor renovation,equipment supply, disinfection and pest control services.
Our know-how, expertise, advice, dedication and attention to detail are the principles that drive each of our employees to bring added value to our customers.
Thanks to their customer-centric approach and active listening skills, our employees have developed a strong involvement and commitment in the performance of their activities.
Devoted to our organization’s success and sustainability, they constantly take leadership and support each other.
Since an unexpected event or emergency can happen to any of us, our team is available to help you in these challenging situations at any time. This is made possible by the flexibility and multi-tasking skills of our team members.
The company’s core strategy relies on tailor-made and right-fit solutions, while also respecting customers’ constraints, collaborators’ expectations and environmental aspects.

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