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The Company

Econet Services SA is a professional cleaning company who has been managing cleaning services and building maintenance since 1996. We are committed to provide innovative and high standard service. Every detail will be taken care of with attention, while meeting deadlines and respecting the estimates submitted.

Since the 1st of January 2013, a new partnership has enabled us to diversify and expand our operations and has given new impetus to our society.

Thanks to our existing expertise and our experienced employees, we are delivering high value-added services.

Our goal is not only to serve our customers and to meet their immediate expectations, but essentially aims to build a long-term partnership with our clientele

Econet Services SA supplies all services, products and material related to cleaning services.
It is because we are offering high quality, precise and timely services that we have developed a trusted partnership with our customers.

Offer our competences and know-how for a service delivery of high quality, fairly priced, on time and according to the quotation information.
Provide a motivating work environment and foster teamwork. We contribute to the personal develoment of our team members in adapting work schedules to their specific situation and in promoting the sense of ownership and empowerment.
We ensure to reduce waste in order to limit the impact on our environment. To avoid over-consumption and waste, we carefully monitor our purchase orders. We ensure that all our actions are consistent with our ethical and moral values and with the relevant legal requirements.
We carefully select our suppliers since we believe in long-lasting and trust partnerships.

Be the reference company in the Canton of Geneva for the cleaning services, concierge services and cleaning after water flood, fires, etc.

Econet Services SA strategy’s strength relies on :

  • our ability to offer customized services
  • our outstanding service delivery in compliance with the requirements expressed by the customer
  • our respect for our team members
  • our care for the environment
Our know-how, our expertise, our advive, our availability, our attention to details are key features that you will meet in each of our team member.
These key features bring the clear added-value our customers are looking for.
The team spirit, the ability to listen to customer need, the personal involvment of each member of our team make the success and sustainability of our company.
Our team members are extremely supportive and proactive

Our Services

Contact Us

Econet Services SA
Route des Jeunes 19
CH – 1227 Les Acacias/Carouge

Phone : +41 22 328 00 28
24/7 Emergency not during working hours 079 699 29 46 / 079 870 59 77

Fax : +41 22 328 05 18
E-mail : info@econetservices.ch

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